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What's new in Version 3 (a partial list):

Smaller files! A 120 page script is only 99K!
Faster files! That 120 pages saves in 1 second!
More speed. Every feature is 10-200 times faster.
Scene Cards. View your script as if it were on index
   cards. Rearrange the script, add and delete scenes,
   then print your cards on paper or Avery index card
   stock, available at a local office supply store!
Multi-level Undo and Redo. Make a mistake? No
   problem. Fix it instantly with Undo/Redo.
Exchanges files with Scriptware for Macintosh.
FREE updates available online (click here).
Multiple Note types. Keep different notes for you,
   your partner, director, department heads, characters.
   However you want to use up to 5 different notes.
   Then choose the notes you want to see and/or print.
   Even print your notes on index cards!
Scriptype improvements! Scriptware created the Tab
   and Enter typing system.  Now we've made it even
   better! Time of Day lists mean you can type scene
   headings with just 4 keystrokes! Conversation mode
   makes typing dialogue faster than ever.
Color marking. Assign different colors to different
   script elements, to different character's dialogue, etc.
   Scriptware can even show your revised pages in the
   proper revision color!
Multiple Bookmarks. Add bookmarks to your script
   to jump to just the right place in an instant.
Breakdown Reports. Look at your script from every
   possible angle with our Script Analysis report generator.
Movie Magic Export. Send prop, costume, SFX and
   24 other lists, along with scenes, scene length and
   character list right into Movie Magic Scheduling.
Extended Tech support hours! 8am-6pm, MST, M-F!
Still the only script writing word processor that doesn't
   hassle you with annoying copy protection!
And much, much more!

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