Here are some links to other sites that you might find interesting, useful, or just plain fun. If you have some others that you think we should add to our list, let us know! Happy surfing, dude.

The Filmmakers
L.A.'s largest cooperative of Independent Filmmakers. L.A.'s best screenwriting workshop for professionals. L.A.'s most successful staged screenplay readings.

James Russell Publishing
Screen & Stage Marketing Secrets book assists writers in performing professional submissions, which lead to the sale! Basic screenwriting advice is also available on the site.

Screaming in the
Celluloid Jungle
A GREAT screenwriter and filmmaker site ("In Hollywood, no one can hear you scream.").

The Hollywood
Creative Directory
The Hollywood Creative Directory publishes the most complete up-to-date information on executives in the film and television industry.

Ohio Independent
Film Festival
This film/video festival in Cleveland provides a unique networking and exhibition space for indie film makers.

Clang Buzz Thump
Original music for film and video, television, commercials, multimedia, and the web.

Screen Talk
Empowering screenwriters to get it good, get it out and get it produced! Features a large colection of FREE movie scripts and exclusive articles and interviews.

The American Accolades
Screenwriting Competition
Focused on finding emerging talent and undiscovered screenplays, then putting that potential in the hands of people who can make a difference!

Ohio Independent
Film Festival
This film/video festival in Cleveland provides a unique networking and exhibition space for indie film makers.

Ohio Independent
Film Festival
This film/video festival in Cleveland provides a unique networking and exhibition space for indie film makers.

Epclipse Magazine
The preiere resource of news, entertainment, and consumer products for Generation X.

The TV Writer Page
Everything you want to know about writing for television, from one of the prominent writer-producers in the industy.

The TV Writer Page
Everything you want to know about writing for television, from one of the prominent writer-producers in the industy.

Always Independent Films
Provides a revolutionary platform to exhibit and distribute independent films of any format or length.

Shoestring Radio Theater
Nationally-syndicated radio drama featuring original plays by contemporary writers as well as adaptations of traditional favorites -- from classic murder mysteries, "radio noir," and historical dramas to contemporary comedies, thrillers and sci-fi.

Movie Magazine
A weekly, nationally-syndicated rado program featuring movie reviews, film festival reports, star tributes, weekly trivia contests, ticket giveaways and interviews with directors and actors from yesterday and today.

Virtual Prime Time
Features games for entertainment industry fans and pros, including The Game of TV Rotisserie, a TV network fantasy league competition where players create virtual TV networks and eran points based on their shows' Nielsen Ratings! Free entry. Win CASH PRIZES!

Wisconsin Regional
Writers' Assoc.
Draws together the diverse creative writing elements in Wisconsin and surrounding states, providing an outlet for greative talent.

The Screenwriters' Room
Written a great script? The Screenwriter' Room offers expert screenplay consultation from feature film professionals. They can also help new writers get agents!

Screenwriting and
This is an interesting site with lots of hyperlinks to resources on screenwriting and scripts.

All Entertainment
A nice new site about everything in entertainment.

Plasma TV Reviews
Writing for the "big screen"... find out where to get yours.

FAQ Intro
This site includes answers to most frequently asked questions in newsgroups related to screenwriting, including information about contests, tools, etc.

The Hollywood Reporter
What to say? THE insider's guide to what's happening in Tinsel-town!

DVDs Games and more
If it has to do with what's on a DVD, this is the site.

A site that includes a search engine for general media. It has a very good section on screenwriting.

Writers Guild of America
That's right, the Guild. A great site with info for members and non-members alike.

The Writers Store®
The home page of The Writers Store. If it has to do with writers, they have it.

Maui Writers Conference
Info about the Maui Writers Conference... oooh, would I like to be there! (SS)

ShowBiz Expo
The biggest, most important industry trade show in the world! Be there!

Selling to Hollywood
scriptwriting conference
Writers Connection presents the annual Selling to Hollywood scriptwriting conference.

The conference provides information on writing and selling scripts and features access to over 50 Hollywood producers, writers, directors, agents, and TV executives.

American Screenwriters
ASA is a national non-profit screenwriting association consisting of state organizations, affiliate member organizations and individuals. Our mission is to support and encourage screenwriters, as well as promote the craft of screenwriting.

Painted Rock Writers
and Readers Colony
Painted Rock provides services to non-published writers, published writers, and readers. FREE 12-week Artist's Way program, message boards, goal writing groups, book discussion group and The Rock online writing magazine.

The PepeSearch Shopping Guide is your guide to online shopping for books, music, gifts, hardware, software, videos and much more, with instant access to brand name bargains and hot deals.

Screenwriting Seminar
at Sea
The first oceanic screenwriting seminar!

Internet Screenwriters
This site has a wealth of information about various screenwriting resources that can be found on the Internet.

Shoshin Distance
Learning Center
Eight-week workshop/classes in screenwriting and other genres, stressing critiquing, with presentations and live online conferences every week.

Movies, TV, Video
A good resource for everything about movies, tv, video. If it's on a screen, it's here.

Done Deal
List of current screenplay and pitch sales in Hollywood along with interviews, agency & production company addresses, news, writing links, software reviews, contest information, and more.

FileMaker Pro PDF417 Encoder
Just in case this is something you need for Filemaker Pro to work with PDF files

SPEC - The
screenwriter's workshop
SPEC is a participatory workshop where members exchange their work for feedback from colleagues.

A site of service providers for Souther California actors, musicians, writers and dancers.

PC Connection
The new home page of the leading mail order software store!

The Writer's Den
An online meetingplace for writers and readers. Info on the Golden Triangle Writer's Guild Conference and Rita Gallagher's Writers Inspiration House.

Fitness Health Search Engine
A good resource for medical information for script writers

An Online Resource Guide for Professionals in the Entertainment Industry

The Screenwriters Store
Your source for Scriptware in the UK.

The Playwriting Seminars
The art and craft of playwriting... with an excursion into film.

Digital Filmmaker
The official website for digital filmmakers -- tons of great info and resources.

Daily Variety Online
The latest hot news from Hollywood.

Hollywood Stock
Trade virtual millions on real movies! Tons of fun.

Universal Studios
See the latest from one of Hollywood's top studios (where Scriptware is the favorite software!).

1-Rep Isometric Exercise Gym
When you need a fast workout to clear your head, this is THE way to do it!

Character Naming
Check out December Fifth Creations' Character Naming and Baby Naming software. .

Home Page
Lots of interesting links to screenwriting, playwriting, and general writing resources on the Internet.

No matter what your budget, I can help you make a theatrical feature film and get it out in the film markets.

HP Officejet Pro L7780 review
Scriptware works with any printer, but you may want to read this review of the HP Officejet Pro L7780 before you buy one.

Plots Unlimited
With Plots Unlimited, you'll never be at a loss for a story idea again! This interactive software helps you create plot outlines from its library of thousands of dramatic and comedic situations.

Bob Brody's Home Page
The home page of Bob Brody with interesting links to magazines and other publications of interest to screenwriters.

Scriptdude Software
The Scriptdude web page -- your online source of scriptwriting programs and more!

Learn about Alpacas
I know this isn't about scriptwriting... it's just that we LOVE alpacas and have fantasies of being alpaca farmers ;-)

MP3 downloads. ringtones, songs. more.
Helpful for finding the right song for your script.

The home page for StarComp -- software supplies and consulting for your writing and producing needs from Bob Koster, computer guru and Assistant Director.

PureArtMarket -- Where Emerging Directors Screen Their Films!

Victory Page
A source of original articles by Victory Crayne on the craft of writing and motivation, including:
  • Career Plan for Fiction Writers
  • How to Critique Fiction
  • How to Succeed in an Online Writing Workshop