Full-featured word processor

What's on your screen is
what's on the page

Scriptype® typing system.
Just Tab and Enter!

Automatic formatting and

Dynamic lists (for one
keystroke text entry)

Multiple open files

120,000+ word Spell Check
and Thesaurus

Scene Shuffle

Electronic Notes

Automatic Title Pages

Built in formats for
submission and shooting
film, sitcom, hour-long TV,
play, and dual-column
A/V scripts

Text format (for letters,
treatments, memos, awards
acceptance speeches, etc.)

Totally customizable formats

"Cheat" elements formatting

"Hot" status line

Editable Speed Button Bar

Direct FAXing

Import scripts from other

Export to other programs

Dual Column Dialogue,
Dialogue Paragraphs and
Short Lines


"Lock" and "Double-Lock"™
revision handling
(automatically creates
"A" "B" and "Omitted"
pages and scenes, and
auto-marks text revisions)

Change Screen Font

Separate Screen and
Printer Font Control

Pull-down menus

Context-sensitive online help

And much, much more!

Just Type The Words
Scriptware frees you from complex word processing commands and macros that jam up your creative flow. All you need to type your script with Scriptware are your pinkies and the Tab and Enter keys. That's it!

Scriptware knows how scripts are put together, so it puts you in the right place before you even think about it. Type "int." or "ext." and Scriptware knows you're creating a Scene Heading... so it makes the line upper case, changes the margins and spacing and lets you select a location by typing one letter. Then, jump right into Action with a tap of the Enter key. Character names? Just press Tab, then put in the name you want with just one keystroke - it's automatically capitalized. And when you hit Enter, you're typing the character's dialogue. It's that easy!

Scriptware Does The Rest
As you type, Scriptware formats. Automatically, instantly and perfectly. Margin changes, capitalization, spacing and all the rest happen on the fly and on your screen. And when you get to the end of a page, Scriptware knows what to do there, too. It breaks scenes, action, and dialogue in the proper places. It puts in (more) and (CONTINUED) lines when you need them. When you make changes on page one, Scriptware invisibly checks and paginates every page afterwards!

If you know nothing about formatting, Scriptware does everything you need. If you want to change a format so it's just right, Scriptware lets you do everything you want.

Professional Power
Scriptware is a full-featured word processor with everything you'd expect: Cut and Paste. Speed Buttons. 100,000+ word Spell Check and Thesaurus. Headers and Footers. Find and Replace. Autosave. Bookmarks.

Plus, Scriptware has features you won't find in your word processor, but will want as a script writer: Quick Lists (to enter names, scenes and more with one keystroke). Electronic Script Notes. Automatic Page, Scene and Act numbering. Instant Title Pages(s). Scene Shuffle (rearrange your script as if it were on index cards). Breakdown reports. And much more.

Scriptware's simple installation, easy-to-read manual, online help and telephone technical support give you all the back-up you need. Just open the box and you'll be up and writing in minutes.

Take A Vacation
How much is your time worth? Many Scriptware users say they're getting scripts done up to 50% faster than ever before. Some say it's because their ideas flow better. Others say it's because they spend no time having to format or paginate their scripts. Scriptware can save you enough time to pay for itself on your very first script. You truly have... the freedom to create®.

Download Demo Software
Care to test drive Scriptware?

  • Scriptware demo
  • A "crippled" version of the actual software
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